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December 31
Made some corrections/additions to the Discography Page and fixed a couple of typos on the B-Sides Page. Also added a picture of Roddy from the "Somewhere in My Heart" single to the Images Page.

December 27
Added the 'B-Sides and Non-Album Tracks' Page, complete with lyrics for all the B-Sides Roddy's ever recorded. Also added "Just Like Gold" and "Mattress of Wire" lyrics to this page. Also added lyric and audio links to all songs listed on the Discography Page. Added some pictures of Roddy from the "Still on Fire" single to the Images Page.

December 23
Added select bits and pieces from the Aztec Mailing List to the Chatter Page. If all goes according to plans, I'll continue to do this in the future.

December 22
Added news about the status of a U.S. tour in support of Frestonia to the Information Page.

December 19
There was no new info to add, so I sorta cleaned house a bit. I added a web counter to keep track of how many people are straggling in here. And I'm also changing some pages around as I continue my quest to learn more and more HTML tricks and techniques.

December 15
Added information about subscribing to the new Aztec Camera Mailing List.

December 13
Added another review of Frestonia from Melody Maker (thanks to a source who wishes to remain nameless). Changed the embossed Roddy logo on the front page to lighten it up a bit and ended up messing it up a little. Oh well...

December 11
Just moved some stuff off the front page to other places. Hmm... five days since the last new addition. I'll have to do something about that.

December 6
Added some rare bits & pieces to the Audio Page.

December 4

lots of pictures to the Images Page.

December 3
Added reviews of Frestonia and "Sun" to the Articles Page (thanks to LV from AOL).

November 24
Added UK chart info (Frestonia debuts at #100) and added a pretty nasty message about Dreamland/Roddy to the Chatter Page.

November 22
Changed the overall appearance of the Aztec Home Page to work with Netscape. Added backgrounds and changed link colors.

November 18
Added Mike Greene's review of November 17th's show in Dublin. Removed my review of Frestonia altogether. Some folks thought I was a little too critical of it and I was having a tough time sleeping at night. :-) I don't like to rip on Roddy... but I was trying to give an objective opinion.

November 15
Added some more UK tour dates to the Info Page (thanks to Jonathan Martin). Made some changes to the front page and fixed a typo on the Discography Page.

November 14
Added the complete Frestonia Page. Added my own review of Frestonia to the front page. Added more quotes to the Chatter Page.

November 12
Added more quotes to the Chatter Page. Was forced to remove the link to CDnow's Aztec Camera Discussion Group because it would not/will not work correctly.

November 10
Added more newsgroup stuff to the Chatter Page. Added more sites to the Links Page. Added the CDnow Aztec Camera Discussion Group Link to the front page.

November 9
Scoured the Internet in search of references to Aztec Camera. Managed to find close to 100 dating back only 4 weeks. The most quotable of those were used to form the newly created Chatter Page and, with any luck, it will be an on-going feature of this site.

November 8
Added the cd's The Best of Aztec Camera and Retrospect to the Discography Page. Did a lot of nit-picky tune up and re-wording.

November 7
Added thumbnail pictures to the Images Page.

November 6
Added a review of Frestonia from Q Magazine (thanks to Mike Greene) to the top page.

November 5
Added a 20-second piece of "Hot Club of Christ" to the Audio Page.

November 4
At last the lyrics for Dreamland have finally be finished. What now? I guess I'll have to start digging a little deeper for material to add. I may actually have to go to a library (gasp!).

November 3
Added some more lyrics to the Dreamland page. One of these days I'll finish it...

October 30
Added a bitter-sweet review of Roddy's works to the Articles Page. Corrected track listings for Frestonia and lyrics for "Sun".

October 29
Added Camera Shy to the Articles Page. It's really long, but probably the best Roddy article/interview I've ever seen.

October 28
Changed the front page to include news of Frestonia's delayed release. Added a mini-review of the new single "Sun" to the front page. Added track listing of Frestonia to the Albums Page and added album info to the Discography Page. Added a playlist to the Images Page.

October 26
Added 'The History of Aztec Camera' to the Info Page, as well as a lot of other information, including trivial facts about Roddy.

October 25
Removed the non-working 'Singles' link and added the Discography Page (with the help of Phil and the Aztec Camera Info Service). Also added the sleeve of the original Mattress of Wire 7" (on Postcard) to the Images Page.

October 23
Added to the Audio Page with bits of Roddy's interview from JBTV. Added some tour news to the Info Page (thanks to Mike and Phil).

October 22
Finished up the lyrics for Stray. Started and completed the Love Page. Added the 'Info' Page... although there's really not much to it yet.

October 21
Added some Windows .WAV files to the Audio Page. Finished up the lyrics for High Land, Hard Rain and Knife.

October 20
Added the Stray page with some lyrics. Damn the cd insert for not having the lyrics spaced out... I'll be squinting for a week. Added more lyrics for the High Land, Hard Rain Page.

October 19
Added the 'Revision History' page. Found some typos in the articles and fixed them up. Re-formatted the Knife page and added lyrics. Changed the title page around a bit so that the clickable stuff is all at the top of the page. Added some of my favorite music and sports links.

October 18
Added some lyrics for High Land, Hard Rain, sorted through some news clippings I have and added a few of them to the 'Articles' page. Did a lot of tinkering.

October 17
Well, I finally did it. I've decided to dive head first into starting up the Aztec Camera Home Page. Talked about it for a long time. Called Sire Records to see if they had any contact names on the Internet about getting some info... they had none. Got the basics out of the way - the layout of the Home Page, "came across" some stuff for the 'Images' page, worked out a layout for the 'Albums' area, but only really finished up High Land, Hard Rain.

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