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November 25:
Copies of the Tribute CD are now on backorder, as I have run into more problems with my CD-ROM recorder. No new CD orders will be taken for at least 3-4 weeks (when I receive the replacement drive). Sorry for the inconvenience...

November 13:
Overhauled the Audio page. Converted the last of the .WAV and .AU sound files to Real Audio and also added a Fan Club Remix of "Oblivious" to the Rare Releases section.

November 11:
Made some slight modifications to the Frequently Asked Questions page. Thanks, Stephen, for your help!

November 4:
Added the tabs for "Pillar to Post".

October 28:
Added the final two audio clips from the 1991 Radio 1 interview.

October 26:
Added three more audio clips from the 1991 Radio 1 interview.

October 25:
Added three audio clips from a Radio 1 interview from 1991.

October 20:
Added the guitar tabs for "Sunset".

October 5:
The final word about the "Haywire" fan tribute project... it's done! The first batch of CDs is now shipping, so get 'em while they're hot. The actual booklet cover is now on display in the Tribute Tracks section.

October 3:
Totally re-designed the Fan Tribute Tracks page to reflect the way in which the songs appear on the CD. Speaking of the CD... the onslaught of computer glitches which have held up the project for so long have now been side-stepped and a healthy batch of CDs has been produced. See the Tribute Tracks section for more details about ordering your copy.

September 20:
Added My Happy Life's version of "Knife" to the Fan Tribute Tracks section.

September 13:
Added the tabs for Deep & Wide & Tall.

September 4:
Added the Aztec Camera Chat Room, which will allow up to 25 people to "talk" simultaneously.

August 24:
Added 'Good Morning Britain' to the Video Clips section.

August 10:
Added two versions of 'Paradise' for the AC Tribute compilation. And [gulp] I'm actually singing vocals on one of them. More tribute tracks to be added in the next day or two!

August 9:
Added three songs (Mattress of Wire, Walk Out to Winter and We Could Send Letters) by the band Citrus to the Fan Tribute Tracks section.

August 3:
Added 'How Men Are', 'The Crying Scene' and the second (treehouse) version of 'Oblivious' to the Video Clips section.

July 27:
Added 'Somewhere In My Heart' to the Video Clips section.

July 19:
Added 'All I Need Is Everything' to the Video Clips section.

July 17:
Updated the News section to include the lastest word about Roddy's upcoming album. Also removed information about the Dreamland t-shirts that were listed in the Merchandise section. They are no longer in stock.

July 6:
Added three more of Andrew Thomas' tracks to the Fan Tribute section: 'Sister Ann' and two versions of 'Working in a Goldmine'.

July 6:
Added another song - 'Over My Head' by Andrew Thomas - to the Fan Tribute Tracks section.

June 22:
Added the Fan Tribute Tracks sub-section of the Audio Page. There you'll find Real Audio format files of songs that will be appearing on our upcoming Aztec Camera tribute tape/CD. If you'd like to be a part of it, be sure to e-mail me from the Tribute Tracks page.

June 21:
Added a bit of 'Dream Sweet Dreams' to the Video Clips section.

June 18:
Added a very early article from 1982, just after Aztec Camera had signed with Rough Trade.

June 14:
Added five new pictures to the Images section - three early ones from the Postcard days and two from around the time Knife was released.

June 12:
Added three songs to the Video Clips section: Do I Love You?, Oblivious and Spanish Horses.

June 11:
Added Aztec Camera's very first interview from 1981 to the Articles section.

June 9:
Real Video format files are now available in the Video Clips section. If you need a version of the Real Audio/Video player that supports these files, please visit the Progressive Networks web site.

June 8:
Added the Video Clips section to the Home Page, featuring scenes from "Walk Out to Winter", "Still on Fire" and "Deep & Wide & Tall". For now, these files are just available in .AVI format, but Real Video versions will hopefully be online in the next few days. More video clips to come in the near future!

May 28:
Finished up the all-purpose Aztec Camera Frequently Asked Questions.

May 9:
Some additional things (notices, clarification and advice) have been appended to the Mailing List Info Page. Some things have come up this week that have required a few minor adjustments to the list and I wanted to make sure potential (as well as current) list members are aware of them.

May 3:
Well, we're back online after being "disconnected" for four days. While it doesn't technically count as an update here, it does make me appreciate having a working web site once again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

April 29:
Added the Japanese compilation 'Dreams Sweet Dreams' and an additional listing for "Somewhere in My Heart" to the Discography section.

April 24:
The remaining pages of the site (the Tabs and Articles sections) have been converted over to the new design.

April 22:
Added five new files to the Audio section - two of Roddy and Edwyn talking with the audience during a show, an acoustic version of "Oblivious" from 1993, an acoustic version of "Salvation" from 1990 and a short interview segment about being on tour.

April 21:
Finished converting the rest of the album pages and the mailing list page over to the new design. All that should be left is the bulk of the tabs pages. I hope to have those taken care of in the next 48 hours.

April 13:
Did some touch-up work on what was converted yesterday and did some more converting. All that's left are the individual article and tab pages... and a couple other odds and ends. Remind me to never mess with the Guestbook again!

April 12:
Started converting the site over to the new black background design. If you have any comments about the new look, please feel free to drop me a line.

April 11:
Added thirteen new audio files of an interview with Roddy from 1987. Also added an update on Roddy's new album to the News section of the Info page.

April 8:
Added scanned images of many of sleeves from singles listed on the Discography page. Also included in that is a scan of the four (Roddy Frame Live Collection) CD spines that make up the profile of Roddy.

April 7:
After thinking about it for several weeks, I've finally re-built the Discography page, fixing up all the typos and adding whatever was left out before. Also added at the top of this page is a link Roger Boge's AC Videography. It's definitely worth a look... you won't find a more detailed account of where Roddy's been seen on television.

March 29:
Added audio from two television performances - Pianos and Clocks from 1993 and On the Avenue from 1995. Also realized that many of the Real Audio files were mis-named, which was resulting in "File Not Found" errors. The file names have been fixed and everything's back in working order. Sorry 'bout that!

March 24:
Added a 1993 acoustic version of Black Lucia to the Audio page. Be sure to cast your Reader's Choice vote for dotmusic's first-ever U.K. music web site awards before April 11th. Who would you rather see honored... Aztec Camera or The Spice Girls?

March 8:
Added three articles - a 1984 review of the Pillar to Post tour, a 1992 review of the Spanish Horses and a 1993 interview from The Observer. Also added tabs for The Boy Wonders.

March 1:
Added lots of new photos - one from 1984, one from 1988 and three from 1993. Plus eleven new additions to the Fan Photos section and (Roddy's?) hand-written tabs for "Backwards and Forwards". Big thanks to Adele for the Killermont Street photos (better late than never, eh?) and Rebecca for her contributions!

February 23:
Added two more bits of Roddy's interview from the tv show "Out There." Also added a live version of "Safe In Sorrow" from 'Later... With Jules Holland' from 1993.

February 9:
Added tabs for Paradise, Consolation Prize and Pianos and Clocks.

February 3:
Added tabs for Just Like Gold.

January 29:
Happy Birthday, Roddy!

January 27:
Made many modifications to the Images section, created a Fan Photos sub-section (thanks to Rebecca's enormous contribution of 20 of her own photos) and added an advertisement for the Edinburgh Festival, featuring a show with Roddy and Edwyn Collins.

January 25:
Added tabs for All I Need is Everything, The Back Door to Heaven, Get Outta London and One and One.

January 22:
Added tabs for Song for a Friend and The Crying Scene.

January 21:
Added an Aztec Camera News section to the Information page today, which presently clues us in as to what Roddy will be doing with his time for the next few months.

January 20:
Added a bunch of cross-links from Roddy's bio section of the Information page back to the Audio and Articles pages. Over the weekend, my ISP messed things up with the web server and the Real Audio files were not downloadable again until this afternoon. If you've tried to listen to any of them unsuccessfully in the past few days, this is why. All is fixed now. I'm still waiting to hear back from AC HQ regarding a list of questions I asked them about the new label and album. When I get some news, I'll surely post it here.

January 15:
I must apologize for the lack of activity around here. But, as I'm sure you can guess, not much is going on in Aztec Camera-land. Roddy's got a new album due out sometime this Spring and we'll just have to sit tight until then, I guess. In the meantime, I've made some additions to the Links section. Just added was a link to My Happy Life's new web site. I'm sure you've never heard of them, but let's just say I know the band real well. Please take a look.

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