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December 12, 2002:
Added Miguel's tabs for Turning the World Around.

December 11, 2002:
Added Roddy's December 20th gig to the Tour News section. Also added the U.S. version of Surf (with bonus tracks) to the KMS Shop.

November 26, 2002:
Added what the Guitar Gurus (Stuart and Miguel) are calling a "perfect tab" for the Surf bonus track Your Smile Has Stopped the Hands of Time.

November 19, 2002:
Added two new promo Surf tour clips to the Video Archive, courtesy of our friends over at Redemption Records.

November 17, 2002:
Ahem! Michael's been lazy recently and hasn't updated the site's revision history (aka, this page), but there have been quite a lot of undocumented updates in between today and September 8th! Today Stuart added tabs for Big Ben. Also a couple of new photos are available in the archive of images Images Archive, thanks to Liz for taking those at the Minx Club. Added lyrics to the Japanese bonus tracks of "Surf," you can find those in the Surf track listing page.

September 8, 2002:
Added Miguel's tabs for Tough and I Can't Start Now to the For Guitarists section. Also added a bunch of new Surf tour photos to the Images Archive with thanks going out to Steve O'Donoghue, Rebecca Plumb and Beate. Also updated the News section with several interesting bits of info about Surf and Roddy's latest going's on.

September 6, 2002:
The vinyl edition of Surf was added to the KMS Shop.

August 19, 2002:
Added new Links page to the Interact section of the site.

August 18, 2002:
Added setlist from Roddy's August 17th show at The Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh, Scotland.

August 16, 2002:
Added Surf review from August's Mojo magazine (thanks, Graham!) and tabs for Small World, High Class Music and For What It Was.

August 8, 2002:
Added photos from Roddy's Borderline shows to the Images Archive. Many thanks to both Rebecca Plumb and Linda Matthews for supplying us with those great photos!

August 4, 2002:
Added Surf section to Discography > Albums area which includes all the lyrics and production notes from the new album. Also appended the actual Discography itself to reflect the addition of the new CD.

August 3, 2002:
"Surf" went on sale in the KMS Shop today and we've been busy shipping orders all day!

July 30, 2002:
Added setlist for tonight's show at The Borderline in London. Also added a Desktop Wallpapers area to the Interact section of the site.

July 25, 2002:
Added setlists for the shows on July 22nd at The Borderline and July 24th at The Glee Club. Also updated the FAQ section with more information about purchasing Roddy Frame and Aztec Camera CDs at great prices through Townsend Records.

July 21, 2002:
Added guitar tabs for Mixed Up Love.

June 28, 2002:
Added a revised (and more detailed) Surf tour schedule and did some general tweaking of the News section in general to reflect the latest buzz around the Surf album.

June 15, 2002:
Did a bunch of backend fine-tuning on the search engine so that it gives better results when, um, you're searching for stuff. Also added two new Surf postcards to the postcards section.

June 8, 2002:
Updated some existing items in the FAQ section and added a few new ones to include some info about Roddy's new album and tour.

June 7, 2002:
Added a full length preview of "Mixed Up Love" from the forthcoming "Surf" album.

May 30, 2002:
Added big news about the release of Roddy's new album, "Surf", and the start of his tour in July. Did some tune-up work on the Discography section to fill in some blanks that have been submitted by friends of the site over the past few months. Also added a notch at the bottom for the new "Surf" album, including the CD booklet photo.

May 23, 2002:
Added chords for Set the Killing Free with muchas gracias going out to Miguel Dominguez for his hard work. Added a 1982 fanzine interview with Roddy called Just Like God - Roddy Frame Confesses. Is it just my imagination or is this interviewer really trying to start an argument with poor wee Roddy? Also, somewhere between today and the last documented update, there were a couple of mini-upates which went unnoted and should not have. Lyrics for two new songs, Abloom and Surf have made their way into the B-Sides Archive (for the time being). These two additions come as a result of the keen ears of Steve O'Donoghue and Jenniene Ashmore. Thanks, guys! And, yeah, by the way, those two songs will be moved from the B-Sides Archive once the new album is released. I've been really bad about notating new site additions to this page. I apologize for that and will try to do better on that front, I promise!

April 29, 2002:
We now resume already in progress. Wow, two and a half months since the last update? Well, in my defense, there really hasn't been much new content to add. :) It shouldn't be long before there's word about Roddy's new album, so we've got that to look forward to. In the meantime, Miguel has given us two new guitar tabs to keep us busy. Swing by and check out his excellent versions of Winter Haven High and Hungry Ghost Eyes.

February 14, 2002:
The new and improved KMS shop is now open, featuring official Aztec Camera and Roddy Frame merchandise. As a side note, the AC/RF mailing list is currently off-line. Unfortunately, we have no idea what the cause of the problem is or if it will be back up and running anytime soon.

January 29, 2002:
Happy New Year, everyone, and a very Happy Birthday to Roddy! It's been so long since our last update, I've almost forgotten how to do it. Some time off to re-energize the batteries always helps and while we were away some news about Roddy's upcoming album has found its way over to us. Added today is a link to our Roddy's Birthday Greetings forum, the very Latest News about Roddy's much anticipated new album, lyrics to a new song called "Abloom", and an announcement about the new, expanded Shop opening up on Valentine's Day.


November 4, 2001:
Added three more songs to the For Guitarist archive, including Queen's Tattoos, Jump and Rainy Greys and Blues. Added the option to chat with us directly via AOL Instant Messenger on our Contact Us page. Also did a bunch of tidying up that will mostly go unnoticed. :)

October 23:
Added a gallery of pre-September 30th gig meet-up photos at the Anchor Pub in London. Thanks to Lev for taking the pictures and sending them over to us! Also added two new tabs by Miguel: The Gentle Kind and Hymn to Grace (hereby known as the "chords version" as opposed to Ken's which is now the "tabbed version").

October 17:
Added a concert recap for Roddy and Edwyn's September 30th show which includes the show's playlist, photos (courtesy of Rebecca Plumb and Lev), comments from audience members, audio from the show's opening song, "Just Like Gold", and a concert review from The Guardian. Also added tabs for Hymn to Grace, thanks to Ken McCormack!

September 28:
Added a concert preview for Roddy and Edwyn's show on Sunday which includes three mp3s from their previous appearance together on stage at 1991's Edinburgh Festival. Added Strings to the guitar tabs section, thanks to Danny Tennyson! Added photo of Roddy and Moon Trent to the Image Gallery.

August 22:
Announcement of Roddy and Edwyn's show at Queen Elizabeth Hall in London on September 30th. Added a radio interview Roddy gave to a couple of fans before his show at Stornoway, Scotland's Seaforth Hotel in October of 1998. Added six brand new designs have been added to the gallery of free, sendable electronic postcards to choose from.

July 14:
News-wise, it's kind of a slow and lazy summer around here. Not much to report, really. Added tabs for How It Is and Valium Summer. Also added Twisted Tracks v2.0.

June 9:
Added seven new guitar tabs (muchas gracias to Miguel Dominguez in Malaga, Spain for his latest contributions!): Spanish Horses, Vertigo, Method of Love, Phenomenal World, Back to the One, Here Comes the Ocean and River of Brightness.

June 7:
Added rotating banner ads to the right side of the screen for our tribute CDs Haywire & Sentimentally Yours, KMS Gear at, The North Star at, Aztec Camera at and, finally, our interactive Shockwave game Concentration. We'll probably be adding more in the near future to help showcase some other sections of the site.

May 10:
Added two more articles, The Tom Cruise of Pop from March of 1988 and Armed With Love from May of 1988.

May 9:
Added re-encoded, full length clips of Oblivious, Somewhere in My Heart, The Crying Scene and Good Morning Britain to the Video Archive. All that's left in the re-encoding effort is Reason for Living... and that'll be added as soon as I can find the tape! Unlabeled in a large stack somewhere, no doubt... Also added two more articles, Frame at Last from September of 1992 and Frame By Frame from sometime in 1993.

May 6:
Added 10 new pictures to the Image Gallery and a new old piece about how Roddy almost walked away from it all gets added to the Articles archive.

May 3:
Opened the KMS Forum, a message board community of sorts for fans of Frame. Also added a new Flash diversion (it doesn't qualify as a full-game) called Twisted Tracks.

April 24:
Added guitar tabs for Birds and Dream Sweet Dreams courtesy of Miguel Dominguez. Also added 11 re-encoded, full length clips to the Video Archive. The remaining 5 music videos will be added in the next few days.

April 18:
Made some Anorak-like improvements to the individual albums' pages of the Discography section. Now each album page contains production notes, track times and the total album length in minutes. Also did some miscellaneous page touch-ups not even worth mentioning here.

March 29:
Hey, we're back! After taking a few weeks off to... do whatever people do when they're not doing web stuff... we bring you four new guitar tabs from the Frestonia album, including Beautiful Girl, Crazy, Debutante and Imperfectly. These and many more new tabs to come soon from Miguel Dominguez. Also added a nice Stray tour review (from Aztec Camera's 1990 performance in Sydney, Australia) to the Articles archive courtesy of Jenniene Ashmore.

February 4:
As the "mp3 of the week" section comes to a close, we offer a double-feature with "Knife", recorded live in Glasgow in 1984, and "The Belle of the Ball", recorded live in Manchester in 1994.

January 28:
Happy Birthday, Roddy! Added new "mp3 of the week" "Backwards and Forwards" from Aztec Camera's 1984 appearance at Glasgow's Barrowlands.

January 21:
Added new "mp3 of the week" "Back to the One" from Roddy's 1998 performance at Manchester University.

January 18:
Added new chords for Biba Nova to the For Guitarists archive, thanks to resident guitar guru Stuart Matthews. Removed the KMS screensaver, pending an updated version in the days to come.

January 14:
Added new "mp3 of the week" "Working in a Goldmine" from Aztec Camera's 1988 appearance in Manchester.

January 7:
Added new "mp3 of the week" "Real Tears" from Aztec Camera's 1980 performance at Doune Castle in Glasgow. Added a completely re-done guitar tab for "Bigger Brighter Better", courtesy of Stuart Matthews.

January 2:
Added the results of Y2K's Top 10 Fan Poll.

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