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December 10:
Added the tabs for "Bigger, Brighter, Better" and "The Sea is Wide". Special thanks to David Marut and Andrew Thompson for generously donating their time and talents for the cause.

December 9:
Added two more tabs from The North Star album... "Reason for Living" and "Sister Shadow". Thanks again to David Marut for taking the time to figure them out and sending them over to me. There should be another tab or two from the new album posted in the next few days, so check back soon. Happy Holidays!

November 3:
Added tabs for "The North Star". Many thanks to David Marut for his contribution! And while we're on the subject, I'm still trying to determine how many people would like to contribute to the proposed second Roddy/Aztec tribute CD project. If you'd like to get involved, please contact me as soon as possible so that the details can be worked out.

October 21:
Updated Roddy's tour schedule to include ticket prices and phone numbers where tickets can be purchased. Also added nineteen new photos from the August 18th show at Dingwalls, the last of which features Roddy and four members of the Roddy Frame/Aztec Camera mailing list. And, finally, added a new article from the October 8th edition of The Scotsman newspaper.

October 1:
Added several new confirmed dates to the Tour News section of the Information page. There's a special offer available to everyone who plans to attend the North Star's tour launch gig on October 8th, so be sure to check it out!

September 18:
Added eight images from Roddy's August 20th gig at The Jaffa Cake to the Fan Photos section. A huge thanks goes out to Rebecca for, 1) not having her camera confiscated, and 2) then sending me copies of her typically great pictures!

September 17:
Added audio of a four-part interview from Roddy's recent appearance on 'Rock Over London' and a live version of The Sea is Wide from that same interview. Many thanks to Don over at for use of the clips. Go visit his site!

September 16:
Updated the Latest News section to include info about the official release details of 'The North Star'. Also corrected several major gaffs in the new b-side lyrics that were transcribed a couple of weeks ago. I'm just slightly embarassed about those...

August 25:
Added scans of the two "Reason for Living" CD-single sleeves to the Discography section and added a live version of one of the new album tracks, "Hymn to Grace".

August 23:
Added the "Reason for Living" single to the Discography section and transcribed the lyrics for both "The Sea is Wide" and "Biba Nova" (this one's a little rough - I had some trouble making out several lines).

August 22:
Added a radio interview from August 10th to the Audio section in which Roddy talks about everything from the Postcard days to the upcoming album. Special thanks to Sharon for rushing the tape to me. :)

August 20:
Added a live version of "Reason for Living" to the audio section. Also transcribed the lyrics for "Rainy Greys and Blues" and "Winter Haven High" for the B-Sides section. Finally, some additions and minor adjustments were made to the FAQ section. It seems, at last, we have the answer to the long-debated meaning of "silent LD".

As a sidenote of very little revisionistic pertinence... a couple of list members caught up with Roddy after his London gig on the 18th and asked, among other things, if he had seen this web site. He said, "It's beautiful," and then went on to say that his mate Edwyn had seen it and said he wanted one as well and asked Roddy how he did it. Roddy's reply was "I've no idea - it's nothing to do with me," and Edwyn said, "Well, why hasn't anyone set one up for me?" I know that story's probably more of interest to myself on a personal level, but we all got a bit of a kick out of it. Thanks Emma and Dan for passing it along.

August 15:
Added a new section to the Links page for all the new stuff found on the web about Roddy and the upcoming album. If you find any additional links on your own, please send me the URLs via e-mail so that they can be added.

August 6:
Added a few tidbits to the Info Section concerning the release of the new single and album.

July 1:
Added confirmations for the release of the album's first single and two concert dates to the Info Section. Also made a minor adjustment to the Mailing List signup page to reflect changes that were made to the mail server's web interface.

June 13:
Many new pictures have been added to the site today and in a somewhat different format. I'm doing away with the "See Sample" (thumbnail) option as a result and I hope that won't cause any hassles. I think the pictures are presented better in this new format. Now, I'll just have to go back and do the old ones the same way...

Anyway... six new ones have been added to the Images section and seven more have been added to the Fan Photos section (13 is my lucky number afterall). They're pretty easy to track down because they have the flashing "new" graphic next to them. Many thanks to Greg Gibbs, Rebecca Plumb and Graham Mitchell for their contributions!

Switching gears, I'd like to start recruiting musicians for a second Aztec Camera tribute CD. I have no timeline in mind for its completion yet, but I'd like to get the ball rolling if possible. If you're at all interested in getting involved, please e-mail me and we'll see what we can do.

And along those same lines... our guitar tab-masters have become a bit too busy these days to help continue building the collection. If any accomplished musicians out there feel up to filling in a few of the gaps, please drop me a line.

March 9:
At last, the finishing touches are being put on the new album! Check out the News section for details.

January 31:
The Aztec Camera Tribute CD, "Haywire", is available again for purchase following a few complications. Get 'em while they're hot!

January 29:
Happy Birthday, Roddy!

January 06:
Updated the News section with information about the completion of Roddy's new album. It shouldn't be too much longer now...

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