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Revision History


December 22
Added the tabs for Sister Ann and Belle of the Ball.

December 14
Shuffled around the Audio page a bit by eliminating the Real Audio section and just moving the files that used to be in it to one of the three other categories - Caught on Tape, Interviews and Rare Recordings. Added parts 5, 6 and 7 of Roddy's interview from the TV show Out There and also a live, acoustic version of Safe in Sorrow. All four of these files are in Real Audio 3.0 format, whereas the other .RA files were for version 2.0. If you want to listen to these new files, you will probably need to download version 3.0 from Real Audio's web site. Also, "Song for a Friend" has been re-recorded for the Audio page. It no longer sounds like it's being played under water. :) Oh, and one last thing... the majority of the sound files that used to be in .AU and .WAV format have been converted to tiny, download-friendly Real Audio files.

December 12
No new content today, just added the Aztec Camera Home Page to the Internet Link Exchange. That means (hopefully) that there'll be tons more people stopping in here to look around. An ad for this site will be displayed on lots and lots of other music related sites. If you'd like to see the AC Home Page ad that will be displayed, click here.

December 9
Added the tabs for Still on Fire and More Than a Law.

December 6
Added four parts of an interview from a Scottish television show called 'Out There'.

December 4
Converted a few of the old audio files to Real Audio format. Now included is the complete, live version of "Tie a Yellow Ribbon".

December 3
Added "Song For a Friend" in Real Audio format - this was from Roddy's appearance on The Eddie Reader Show (not sure of the date). Eddie does the singing, Roddy does the strumming. We all do the listening.

December 1
Added the tabs for Everybody is a Number One, Good Morning Britain and Working in a Goldmine. Re-built the tabs page... again. Now the songs are arrang