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December 3:
Added the full-length video for Sun. Thanks very much to Chizuho Hara for responding to my request so quickly!

December 1:
Added video of Reason for Living (in its entirety!). Also added a fantastic (and very long) new article that details Roddy's career. Thanks go out to Graham Mitchell and Roger Boge for making all that possible. As a related sidenote/plea... I'm still in search of the one missing link for the AC/RF video collection. If anyone has either the full or partial "Sun" video on tape, please contact me and we'll arrange some sort of trade.

November 21:
Added a short review of Roddy's gig at The Barbican in London, as well as a brief update about the status of to the Latest News section.

October 14:
Added details of Roddy's one-off November gig in London to the Latest News section.

Response to our second Aztec Camera/Roddy Frame tribute CD, "Sentimentally Yours... from", has been phenomenal! If you haven't done so already, order your copy today by clicking on the banner above. You won't be disappointed!

October 1:
The second Aztec Camera/Roddy Frame fan tribute CD is now shipping! Feel free to try before you buy. Preview the tracks while you fill out a quick and easy order form. At $10 each, they're a bargain! And they make great gifts, too. :) Sorry for the lack of updates over the past month and a half. I've spent the time away by traveling to Europe, proposing to my new fiance, planning a wedding, producing the tribute CD and working on a new design for Aside from that, I haven't been doing much. :) Lots of great things are on the horizon for the new web site. Many new features, lots more interactive things to do, an online store, a snazzy new look and, well, you'll just have to wait and see. If you have any suggestions for things you'd like to see at, just drop me a line.

August 14:
Added an audio preview page and a pre-order form for the new Aztec Camera/Roddy Frame tribute CD, "Sentimentally Yours... from".

July 29:
Added an article from yesterday's Independent about the Best Of CD. Thanks again to Graham Mitchell for sending it over.

July 19:
Added another nicely-written article about the upcoming Best Of CD. Thanks go out to Graham Mitchell for transcribing and sending the article over to me.

July 18:
Added an article written a week after the release of The North Star, though it talks mainly of Roddy's maturity as an artist rather than the specifics of the new album. Thanks go out to Rob Rimmer for sending the article over to me.

July 12:
Added a new article about the Best Of CD and updated the latest news section. Thanks go out to Graham Mitchell for providing the article.

June 25:
Added a bit of news about the development of the new site.

June 21:
Added two notes of interest to the Latest News section.

June 19:
Created a new North Star section to the images page and , added three recent pictures there.

June 11:
Added Real Audio of "Hungry Ghost Eyes", the planned b-side of the "Sister Shadow" CD2-single. Thanks, Frank!

June 2:
Updated the RF/AC Fan Tribute section to report on the current status of the soon-to-be-released CD.

May 26:
Gave The Latest News section its own page and have updated the info there. BTW, please excuse the inconsistent look on the site... I'm gradually updating the format as I go along, but it probably is a lost cause until the switch-over to goes into effect, where there'll be a complete re-design. ETA on that is unknown, but will probably take place by the end of the summer.

May 22:
Thanks go out to Stuart Matthews for the design of the new Roddy-related banner ads that are randomly, er, strategically placed on various pages throughout the site. Clicking on these banners will take you directly to either the Roddy Frame or Aztec Camera sections at I buy tons of stuff from them... it's safe, convenient, etc... and would recommend you try them out if you haven't already.

May 18:
Added a December 1998 article from Guitar Magazine.

May 15:
It's only taken two weeks (ahem! sorry...), but finally the trancripts from the live chat session with Roddy on May 1st have been added... all twelve pages and 295k! They have been edited a bit, but only in the sense that I've corrected as many obvious typos as I could find and I've taken out several hundred smiley faces. :) Hopefully soon we'll get to hook up with Roddy again, but in the meantime please stop in the chat room anytime. Weekend fan gatherings are becoming a common thing there, which is a good thing, I think!

May 2:
Added two rare bits of audio: a live recording of The Spirit Shows, a never-released song from Roddy's 'Green Jacket Grey' demo sessions, and The Thoughtless Kind, a John Cale cover and one of the "Sister Shadow" b-sides.

May 1:
In celebration of 'Chat with Roddy Day' (it sounded good anyway), I've added two newer articles - a tour review from November 1998 in Portsmouth (thanks to Rob Wrightman for writing and contributing it) and one from The Independent from October of 1998. I've had one report of the new Java news tickers crashing Netscape. If anyone else is experiencing this, please let me know and I'll remove it from the site.

April 30:
Added two new audio files... a live version of "Birth of the True", recorded in London at Dingwalls in August of 1998 and a live cover version of Ian McCulloch's "Start Again", recorded in Madrid in September of 1990. Also added the Java news ticker to the front page and another one on the Chat page.

April 15:
Added re-encoded audio of "Mattress of Wire" and new audio of its Postcard b-side, "Lost Outside the Tunnel", to the Rare Releases section of the Audio page.

April 14:
Added re-encoded audio of "Just Like Gold" (much better sound quality) and its Postcard b-side, "We Could Send Letters", to the Rare Releases section of the Audio page. The Postcard versions of "Mattress of Wire" (also re-encoded) and "Lost Outside the Tunnel" will be added in the next 24 hours or so.

April 12:
Added an acoustic version of "Bigger, Brighter, Better" to the Audio section.

April 2:
No new content today, but just a mention that all of the Real Audio files have been moved to a new location - - where the entire Home Page will be relocated hopefully sometime this summer.

March 27:
Finally finished up The North Star section with the addition of "Autumn Flower" and "Sister Shadow". Added The North Star to the Discography section... finally. Added Real Audio of Roddy with The Waterboys playing Prince's "Purple Rain". Thanks to Sandy Manson for providing the tape on that gem! Fixed up the Revision History page.

March 26:
Added "River of Brightness" and "Strings" to The North Star page.

March 25:
Added "Back to the One", "The North Star" and "Here Comes the Ocean" to The North Star page this morning.

March 24:
Added "Hymn to Grace" and "Reason For Living" to The North Star page. One of these days I'll get the rest of these lyrics transcribed. :)

March 23:
Added a North Star tour review from the November 25, 1998 issue of The Scotsman. Thanks to Graham Mitchell for snail mailing the article to me. Also added an updated bit of information to the News section.

March 17:
Additions to The North Star page have temporarily been put on the back burner so that we could bring you a Home Page exclusive... the Roddy Frame Q&A Session! These are 50 actual questions submitted by countless actual fans from the mailing list and the Guestbook. Thanks everyone for your contributions and special thanks to Roddy for taking the time to answer them all.

March 8:
Made some minor adjustments to the Guestbook script and split the 1997-98 entries into their own section. Also finally got around to adding The North Star album page. Hey, and just in the nick of time, too! My apologies for the delay in getting that posted. Look for its completion with song lyrics by the end of this week.

March 6:
Added direct links to on the front page where many of Roddy's albums, including The North Star, can be purchased online. Made some corrections to the Frequently Asked Questions - changes include the meaning behind Frestonia and 'Jack-jones' from "Just Like the USA. Added an audio clip of Roddy himself defining "silent LD" during an August '98 gig. Finally... added five Real Audio clips from Roddy's in-the-round performance with Neil Finn of Crowded House and Graham Gouldman of 10cc. Many thanks to Graham Mitchell for audio of this show!

March 3:
Added an audio clip of Roddy talking to Neil Finn from their show together on Later With Jules Holland from 1998. There'll be more audio to come from this show in the next few days.

February 26:
Some minor changes were made to items #5 and #18 of the FAQ. Also added an announcement about a second AC/RF tribute CD in the works.

February 24:
Something new and something old today. Added an old NME clipping from 1990 and a short Q&A piece from this month's Mojo Magazine to the Articles section. Many thanks to Bronwyn Jones for transcribing all that text and Graham Mitchell for scanning and e-mailing the new article, as well as his continued support of this here site!

January 29:
Happy Birthday, Roddy! Added a revised tab for Bigger, Brighter, Better. Thanks go out to Richard Wood and David Marut for their help on that.

January 21:
Added 13 confirmed shows to the new North Star Tour Dates section and news about the next single's release in the Information section.

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