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Western Skies


In the approach of midlife
I received a letter from an eloquent friend
Saying he was touched by my progress
A kind of poem to the words that Iíd penned

My ego under attack I felt myself shrinking back
From his embrace into a place that I know
Felt relief in resentment couldnít see what it meant
The jealous echo of a hurt long ago

Iím so vain
Thought this song was about me
Now itís gone down the drain
Turning against me
Calling me names
And me, well I

Iím still screwing around with a portastudio
Youíre in the rain, arguing with your girl
Friend itís the same
Rules and restraints
I strum and I scrawl
Watching the paint stay wet on the walls
The mercury falls
And everythingís changed
Nothing has changed

Iím turning over a new page
Iím taking stock of all the gifts
Iím sorry if I have hurt you
Itís been so hard to find the freedom in me

Iím dedicating this song to someone I know whoís gone
Cut all my records with a steadying hand
Iím talkiní Ďbout Mr Blair up in his room in his chair
Working some magic I still canít understand

Is that all gone
No autumn light through the window
No, man the cutís still on
Between the tracks, hear the wind blow
Two seconds of time
And in we fade

Written by Roddy Frame Complete Music
Roddy Frame - Vocal, guitars
Jeremy Stacey - Drums
Mark Smith - Bass

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