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Western Skies

Worlds in Worlds

Iíve wiped my phone and Iíve grown my hair
And thrown away the stuff that we used to share
Delete. I submerge. Nothing is what it seems

I close my eyes and I drift on a terrible, beautiful sound
like John Mckayís on the Scream and I dream and I rise

And looking down through the clouds I see those worlds in worlds
Of love and tears and blame
And I can see that those worlds in worlds are held apart
By fears that feel the same

Everything I own is a mockery of the way I believe we
could be if we could only be free of the dark, needy shadow
walking behind

A newborn cry rises over the town
Unsettles the sky and sets the rain falling down on a
crowd by a grave and so it goes round

And itís a silly little game
That we play to hide the pain
What is there to gain?
Well, just win anyhow
But babe thereís something happening here
And if you canít find your fear
Itís plain that you will hear the same old sad refrain
The same song, many years from now

Written by Frame/Deller Complete Music/Copyright Control
Roddy Frame - Vocal, guitar, bass
Jeremy Stacey - Drums, celeste

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