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Western Skies

Rock God

Think I know the answer to the missing loot
A stumbling cat in a satin suit
Mysterious dancer blanks the starshine out
With his shout

Unicorns with locking horns surround the source
Of cosmic rays that the day distorts
Fighting over territories lost in space
It's a shut case

Hippy glam intruder crept past the towers where
children slept
And scattered stardust trails between the blocks
Clashing swords in city streets
To a double drummers' beat
As on the corner lovers meet
And kiss just as the power stops, beneath the
chemist's frozen clock

I was set in motion by a half tone shift
And in its wake I was cast adrift
With my magic potion and my glittering gift
I had lift off

I swallowed hard and feeling warm
I swear I saw the world transform
Into a realm of hawks and snakes and doves

Beautiful blue jaguar
Tethered to a shooting star
Before I knew I flew too far

In time I heard the deafening roar
As the lines blurred and I slipped on through the door

Thank you for the moon
Thank you for the stars
Thank you for turning them on

Written by Roddy Frame Complete Music
Roddy Frame - Vocal, guitars, karruga horn
Jeremy Stacey - Drums, percussion
Mark Neary - Bass

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