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Western Skies

Tell the Truth

What does it mean to you?
Is it what you're dreaming of
Or something that you do?

Does the loyalty that lies inside your heart reach out
While the world is asking why?

It's a thread unravelled, strung down through the centuries
Through cannon smoke and confetti it testifies
No mother tongue to tie it to just one belief
Just a steady voice inside

But a word that's given free with true intention
And nourished in the feelings of a friend
Can be stirred and turned by reason and cruel invention
Into a lie that his whole heart would defend

All the world's a stage and we're playing out
A story that we've made from our faith and doubt
The scenery is the dark streets that we need to roam
'til we all find a home

It's a picture pressed to a breast on a battlefield
Mired in the mud and the mist
It's the promise of the way the world is meant to feel
Once a girl's been kissed

But a heart can hold a word torn free in hatred
Made to wound for the sake of the upper hand
And start to mould and nurture it and shape it
'Til it tells a truth that the whole world understands
Tell the truth and the whole world understands

Written by Roddy Frame Complete Music
Roddy Frame - Vocal, guitar
Jeremy Stacey - Drums
Mark Neary - Upright Bass

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