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Seven Dials

The Other Side

Words and music by Roddy Frame

From the album "Seven Dials" (2014)

Here, on the other side
I know you're gonna find
That fear was just another lie
That disappeared when faith arrived
Like the cavalry you called for once
Just a kid, in front of everyone
Now who's the dunce?
On the other side

Once, like a kid I reigned
King of all that I surveyed
But you couldn't be contained
You dared me to defy the waves
Said let's break it down, find someone new
See you round, I'll think of you
But we made it through
To the other side

Feel the reins between your fingers slip
And you're away
Leave the pain behind the line
And feel it fade

Now, the time has come
To saddle up your destiny
And, wow, look at all you've done
Scored like a symphony
Seen you stumble, babe, didn't come for free
But be humble, babe, when you turn the key
Cos who knows what will be on the other side?

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