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Seven Dials

From a Train

Words and music by Roddy Frame

From the album "Seven Dials" (2014)

I knew, when I set eyes upon
You blinking, thinking in the dawn
That our star, on the rise
Would flare and fall, take a dive
Not something you would wish upon

I count the days and reconcile and sift the blame
And wonder if it's all worthwhile, this waiting game
Ready, shoot .. aim!
Then a minute mute, for what became
Of all the hours we felt the same

What a crime, what a scam, right on time, here I am
Just as you wake with a start from your dreams
And everything great comes apart at the seams

Disallowed and denied
Curse the clouds, damn the sky
Just when we thought it would fly

But some days, it's so beautiful
You feel joy and cry

I wish you love out on the road, I hope and pray
For stars above and friends below to light your way
Play your part, with all your style
And all your heart and all your guile
You couldn't fake it anyway

Like the trees, by the track
You see time stretching back
The sowing and growing and coming alive
The seasons and reasons, the land as it lies

But from a train, here's the view
Love is pain, rushing through
Just when you thought you'd arrived

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