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Western Skies

The Coast

Coasting along, the sun coming down
Easy on me
My heart is strong and doesn't bleed easily

Heart like a hero
I'll never blow, no
The human volcano
Is watching the side show

The sun slips away and strands you and me
Look in the mirror
The hallway is long and leads to the sea

Watching the waves grow
Framed in the window
The inflow and outflow
Varnished in moon glow

Mud flows, time flies
floods my mindís eye
wind up wondering why
Oceans of replays
Wash over these days
Slow motion waves, bye bye

They crash and retreat, and stir from the sand
Awash with debris that slips through my hands

Dredging the long years
Of anticipation
We dig the foundations
As the end nears

We soared like eagles
Smoking Regals
Fleeing, but where to?

Scared that we'd fall
Be broken and recalled and
Turned into town mouse stew

Written by Roddy Frame Complete Music
Roddy Frame - Vocal, guitar
Jeremy Stacey - Drums

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