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August 2014 -- We have a new Curator of Collectables at
Our friend Steve Kay has created a wonderful soundcloud archive to share with Roddy Frame Aztec Camera fans.

Check out his collection of early demos and rare recordings here
since real player codecs no longer play, we are updating this page to include Steve Kay's soundcloud links for the rare songs below.

NOTE: Rare Aztec Camera is filled with early Aztec Camera rare tracks

Roddy Frame rare and bonus contains links for B-sides, covers, bonus tracks

Roddy Frame Concert recordings is for the Roddy Frame and Aztec Camera concert recordings

lev - curent keeper of the flame at kms -

Here are the descriptions offered by Steve when he posted them on Facebook in Summer - Fall 2014

A brief audio interview with Roddy from 1984 - Roddy claims the first song he ever wrote (at age 15) was a jazzy little number that ended up being recorded, with new lyrics, as Release for High Land Hard Rain.

'Rock Over London Roddy Frame in 1984'

Tom Robinson interview and album tracks June 2014

'June 2014'

Edited version of the acoustic Spanish Radio concert from 5th May 2014 with Spanish voice-over removed. Great show and a great sound, the songs for the evening were:
01. Oblivious
02. Walk Out To Winter
03. The Bugle Sounds Again
04. White Pony
05. Forty Days Of Rain
06. The Other Side
07. Killermont Street
08. Down The Dip
09. Birth Of The True
10. Somewhere In My Heart
11. Spanish Horses
12. We Could Send Letters

'Spanish Radio 5th May 2014'

As Roddy has grown older he has, by his own admission, become much more 'chatty' in public, revealing a wry sense of humour.
A clip from 2006 where Roddy discusses what he might have done for a 'real' job had music not worked out for him. His anecdote about the builder's job ...

'2006 Radio Clip'

Hear Roddy chat with Liz Kershaw on BBC Radio 6 Saturday show on July 19th, from 1:00 to 3:00
'19 July BBC 6'


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