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Ian McCulloch and Roddy Frame Brief Encounters
from The Scotsman, December 10, 1994
by Ian McCulloch

"It was a lovely thing, that week of touring; I was to play four dates
in Spain and Roddy was doing photographs for his single 'Spanish Horses'. It was 1993; he phoned me up about a week before and said: "Hey, I'm in Barcelona at the same time you're playing - any chance of opening for you, just me and a guitar?" I said, "You can do all four dates, just fix it with your manager." It was the perfect week, beautiful.

We had to perform on a TV programme in Barcelona and hadn't slept the night before. We drank a lot of bevvy - everyone's mini bar. We were jumping into the crew's rooms to get their mini bottles of champagne. It's not that we're champagne drinkers but... well, it was Barcelona. We were just bladdered but we were up at 8 o'clock in the morning to do the show.

When we ended up at the TV station, Roddy was like, "Oh man... I can't do this." I started playing the rhythm for 'Killing Moon' and he was going, "That's great, that's the groove, man." We were just cabbaged.

He thinks of me as an older brother or something - hopefully not his dad, more some kind of older bad brother. Because a few years ago I led him astray, bad style. He was finished after two gigs. Dr. Roberto was called to the Madrid hotel at one o'clock in the morning. Roddy was history."

[Ian McCulloch, formerly of Echo and the Bunnymen, sings with Electra Fixion, who recently issued their debut single "Zephyr" on Spacejunk Records. Roddy Frame fronts Aztec Camera.]   

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