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September 28, 2001

Roddy Frame hasn't released an album in just over three years and there's no tell-tale signs of a new one on the immediate horizon. To say that he's kept a low profile since doing a few gigs in London to help promote the "Best Of Aztec Camera" cd in 1999 would be a bit of an understatement. Yet amidst this not so unfamiliar void of Roddy Frame news comes a pleasantly shocking announcement - he's back!

On Sunday, September 30th Roddy Frame will be performing in front of a packed house at London's Queen Elizabeth Hall along with his mate of many years (and fellow Postcard Records alum) Edwyn Collins. To say that Roddy's fans have been eagerly anticipating an event like this would be, well, also a bit of an understatement. It should come as no great surprise then that we've gotten confirmations from visitors from all over the globe who say they'll be in London that night.

So, what's the occassion, you ask? As the rumor goes, Roddy was approached about participating in a Lamont Dozier tribute concert (which took place on September 22nd) and when he agreed to do it, the promoters asked if he'd like to headline a show with Edwyn. And that's really all there is to it.

Roddy and Edwyn have performed together several times in the past and those fans that have been fortunate enough to see any of these live performances know to expect a fun night on the 30th. Musically, we're told, this will pretty much be an acoustic performance, as you might suspect. And while it seems quite likely that Roddy will be debuting at least one new song, don't be surprised if he dusts off an Aztec Camera classic or two that haven't been played live in what seems like a lifetime.

Our hope is to provide you with as much post-gig information as we can in the days following the show. For now we leave you with a preview (of sorts) of what's come and a look back at Roddy and Edwyn's performance together at the Edinburgh Festival on August 15, 1991. We hope you enjoy these three featured .mp3s from that memorable evening!

The Boy Wonders 2.33mb 3:24
Salvation 3.28mb 4:40
Love's Been Good to Me 3.39mb 4:56





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