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"Mixed Up Love"
An Exclusive Web Preview of "Surf"
June 7, 2002

Roddy - Surf Hard to believe we're coming up on four years since the release of Roddy's last album, isn't it? When it came out in 1998, talk about "The North Star" seemed to revolve around a back to basics approach and simpler songs. As we might have predicted back then, the album concluded with the delicate "Hymn to Grace", one of Roddy's trademark acoustic ballads we anticipate to close each album. What we might not have been able to predict was the direction he would go with his next project.

Roddy's eighth album, "Surf", is due out on August 5th on the new London-based label Redemption Records. This is the album many have hoped Roddy would one day record in that it represents a totally no frills approach to recording. There are no collaborators this time, no other musicians or producers to deflect from the purity and clarity of the songs and performance. This, too, is how Roddy will be performing at a series of one-man shows during July and August.

With all that said, is happy to present you with this exclusive web preview of "Mixed Up Love", one of eleven new tracks to appear on the upcoming album. We hope you enjoy it! And stay tuned for more information about the release of "Surf".

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