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Western Skies

Shore Song

Screaming on the shore
Daring the waves to wipe us out
Off the sand, the sinking sun in your hand
Like we rule the waves

I see a soul, straggling, cold in the sunshine, Waiting for
a sure sign, half resigned to let it go

And if you’ll say you will
I will wait upon the shore to drag you free of the
worst of it
When the storm hits and the lines are down
All in bits and the days are long
Gonna come on down to your rescue

Lap at my laces trailing in the sand
Force my hand, ocean
Softly bend my will
Let it cleave to the day as it flows
Let me be relieved of the pressing need to know

And full and finally freed
Of my will

Here come the waves crashing home
Sea spray
Wash away the memories

Of the way we were, all uptight
In the still of the night
In the candlelight
Feeling let down

And trying not to make waves...

Written by Roddy Frame Complete Music
Roddy Frame - Vocal, guitar

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