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Seven Dials

English Garden

Words and music by Roddy Frame

From the album "Seven Dials" (2014)

I was on the corner, on borrowed time
Waiting for the ghost inside me to be exorcised
With the day it died and all the ways we tried and cast aside

Came down for some air, I figured I'd find out what's inside
Up in town she's looking in the mirror, seeing her best side
Oh city lights, let tears she cried be done and dried

See the swans on the Test
Sailing by like life's a breeze
You were the best
Hurts to know it and it hurts to doubt it
And there's nothing I can do about it
Guess we're gonna have to live without it

Used to be mine, I played while she sang
Said someday we'd drive to Daymer Bay and walk along the sand
Now in every room a different sorrow hangs
And the past is like another place, it's a foreign land

And still the river flows
And the day will still begin
And the flowers bloom in rows
The way it's always been

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