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Seven Dials

White Pony
Words and music by Roddy Frame

From the album "Seven Dials" (2014)

Make a wish, blow 'em out, do it
Maybe if they get around to it
You'll get a dedication
On your favourite station WLS

You make something out of nothing
An afternoon, sunlight and memory
And in the frames I see the flowering of your heart
And mine is opening too

Don't learn to drive
'Cos you'll drive a car
Over the edge of a cliff.

Learn to ride, ride a white pony.
Fly and keep the feeling in your bones
For when the days all drag and the nights are lonely

School where our fathers learned
Beneath the bough of oak and elm
Steadfast in thought and deed
Our hearts sing hail to thee

So we go out,
Knocking around,
Talkin' about the weekend

Inside freezin' over,
Can't hide, sinkin' like a stone
And all you own is an icy feeling

So go try on the night,
The dress, the shoes, the gaze
It's not forever
The arc of who you are
Is the quicksand to the stars

And out in the night
I hope that you've found
Love in the lights and the sound

Life's fast, chasing after good times.
Flies past then you realise, sometimes
You've got to stop and look around

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