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Somewhere in My Heart

Tabs by Michael Gallagher

Horns Intro:

A - G -- G - F


C ---------------------------------------
Summer in the city where the air is still

(keep strumming C) --------------
A baby being born to the overkill

F -----------------------
Who cares what people say

(keep strumming F) ---------
We walk down love's motorway

- C -----------------------------------
Ambition and love wearing boxing gloves

(keep strumming C) -----------
And singing hearts and flowers


--- F -------------------
But somewhere in my heart

------------ E --------------------
There is a star that shines for you

F --------------------
Silver splits the blue

C ----------------------
Love will see it through

--- F -------------------
And somewhere in my heart

------------- E -----------------
There is the will to set you free

F --------------- Fm -- C --
All you've got to be is true


G ---------------- Gsus - G
But who could heal

(keep strumming G) -----
What's never been as one

------- Fm ------------------
And our hearts have been torn

(keep strumming Fm) ------
Since the day we were born

-------- E -----
Just like anyone

Ab -----------------------
From Westwood to Hollywood

(keep strumming Ab) -----------
The one thing that's understood

----------- G ------------
Is that you can't buy time

(keep strumming G) -------
But you can sell your soul

(keep strumming G) --------------------------------
And the closest thing to heaven is to rock and roll



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