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Everybody is a Number One

Tabs by Rick Strang

If you think that you'll never be able to play a "Framo" song in your
life, then this is the song for you! A couple of simple chords and a bit
of a "chinka-chinka" feel and you're off!

Chords Used:

                      E  A  D  G  B  E
C ------------------- O  3  2  O  1  O
F                     X  O  3  2  1  1
Am7 ----------------- O  O  2  O  1  O
D9                    O  O  O  2  1  O
G7 ------------------ 3  2  O  O  O  1


--- C --------------------
Now love is a burning ring

At the bottom of our being.

---- F --------------------
Done down and disconnected,

It lies like a sleeping thing.

--- C ----------------
Our task is to awaken.

Our mission it is clear.

---- F ---------------------
With lips and arms and unity

We overcome our fear.


---- C ----------------------------------- F ---------
That day will come whenever everybody is a number one.

-- C ------------------- F -----------
Until that day thy never will be done.

(Verse 2 as before)
     Some boss-lickin' guy 
     Who said he was your friend
     Tried to put me down 
     But I'll still be around.
     And for the people who will try
     Just to take it apart
     Let me tell it from the start
     For the second time.


Am7 ------------- D9 --------------------
If I was a poet I think I'd throw a stone

-- Am7 ----------------
In anger and confusion.

- F ----------- G7 --
I would not be alone.


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