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How Men Are

Tabs by Michael Gallagher

Piano Intro

Am7 - D - Am7 - D


----------- Gmaj7 - G6 - Gadd9
It's called love

----- G6 ------------- Gmaj7 - G6 - Gadd9 - G6
And every cruelty will cloud it

--------- Gmaj7 - G6
And his lie

Gadd9 --- G6 ------------- Am7 - D
True love could never allow it

----------- Am7 ---------------------------- D
'Cos it's a lie that we have ceased to believe

-------------- B7 -------------------------- C
We've said goodbye but it won't take its leave

---------------- Am7 ---------------- D
Why should it take the tears of a woman

---------- Gmaj7 - G6 - Gadd9 - G6
To see how men are

(repeat for other verses)


Cm7 ------------- F ------ Bb ---------- Gm
'Cos love is a giving with no need of re-turn

-- Cm7 -------------- F -----
It lends itself to everything

---------- Bb --- F/A -------- Gm - F - Cm7
And maybe someday man will see

----------------- F --------- Bb ----- F/A -- Gm --- F
That love is a lesson money never taught us to learn

----------- Cm7 ---------
Love is the power to have

Without the premise that there's nothing for free

D - Em/D - D - D+

Additional guitar Tabs by Miguel A. Dominguez
PRE-SOLO BRIDGE and GUITAR SOLO: This transitory bridge is made up of three parts: See below how to put the left hand over the strings to get the Roddy's picking. The whole hand slides over the 3rd finger (you know, 1st finger=index finger and so on...) PRE-SOLO GUITAR : part one part two part three E---------5----------------7----------------12----10----- B------7---------------8-----------------10______(11)---- G---------------7___9------------9___11------------->SOLO E-------------------------------------------------------> A-------------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------- GUITAR SOLO: E------------------------------------------|-----|- B-------(12).......-------------------------|----|- G--------12...(8 times)...12__14--------|(repeat)|- D--12__14----------------------14--14-|--------|- A-----------------------------------------|------|- E-------------------------------------------|----|- E----------------------------------------------------|- B-----------------------15-----15-15-17----15--------|- G--------12-14--14__16-----_16----------16----16--14-|- D--12-14---------------------------------------------|- A----------------------------------------------------|- E----------------------------------------------------|- E------12----15---12--------|---------------------------| B----13--------------15------|--(10)__12__10__8 -------| G--14-------------------------|----------------(7)__(9)-| D-------------------------------|-----------------------| A---------------------------------|---------------------| E---------------------------------|---------------------| fingers shapes: --------------- E A D G B E PART ONE: (chord #1)-----x x x(7)7 5 1st finger over 1st string 4th finger over 2nd string 3rd finger over 3rd string PART TWO: (chord #2)-----x x x 9 8 7 1st finger over 1st string 2nd finger over 2nd string 3rd finger over 3rd string PART THREE: (chord #3)---x x x 11 10 (9) (chord #3.1)-x x x x 11 10 1st finger over 1st string 2nd finger over 2nd string (3rd finger over 3rd string)no used



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