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Down the Dip

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A ------ D ---------------------
I've got all the love and beauty 

------ A -----------------
in the spirit of the night

------- E -------- E7 --- A ----- A7
and I'm holding my ticket tight

-- D ------------------
stupidity and suffering

--- A ----------------
are on that ticket too

------- B7 ----------- E -
and I'm going down the dip

---- A ---- A6/A
with you


F#m -------------------------- E --- E6/E
Swear I'm touched but then I'm tired

Bm7 ---------------------- F#m7(2)
with everyone who tries to tie me

Ddim ----------------- E --------------
I seem to realise that my cup overflows

---------- Fdim -------------------------
and then I tumble down and take your hand

--- E ---------------
and no one even knows

---------- E7 ---------
with their broken backs

and their pack of Macks

saying that's the way it goes

(Repeat Chorus)


(Repeat Chorus) then A7

(Repeat Chorus)

then add Bob Dylan bit at the end for good measure...



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